Restoring the furniture you love

Luxurious has the know-how to fix any of your broken furniture, even if it has structural damage. We evaluate each piece of furniture or woodwork according to its function, structural condition, and current finish. Our team then decides how best to deliver your desired final appearance. 

With a custom finish or an expert paint job, we can transform a full furniture set or a single piece in a set if the entire set doesn’t need to be redone.

We do it all, whether you want a fresh coat of paint and a completely new look or just refinishing damaged areas. By just restoring a dresser top or some drawer fronts, we can revive the look of a bedroom set without the full cost of refinishing all the pieces. All factors are considered when determining how to best meet your needs.


Furniture Service

Need Help?

Contact us if you have a piece that you are interested in bringing back to life.